Climate-neutral is just the beginning

Energy is the future. This is why we are also completely reevaluating ideas for tomorrow’s energy economy.

Berlin wants to be climate-neutral by 2050. An urban laboratory innovatively combining various technologies for a carbon-neutral city district is arising in Berlin TXL. The sustainable energy concept for the site is unique in the world for its size. And it goes far beyond the decarbonization of the energy supply. What is special is that here we’re talking about a low-energy network that enables renewable and environmentally friendly heat sources to be used and it does so with maximum possible efficiency! This low-energy network, as it is termed, operates at flow temperatures of up to 40 degrees Celsius. Compared with standard district heating with flow temperatures of at times more than 100 degrees, the losses in the low-energy network are significantly lower. But this concept does not break new ground just technically:

The energy marketplace

The guiding principle of the energy concept is that of a marketplace for heat and cold. At the decentralized energy marketplace consumers can feed additional waste heat from buildings, wastewater, server rooms, or industrial installations into the network’s ducting system and get paid for it. Thus a future without reliance on fossil energy sources becomes possible especially for the heat and transport sectors. The concept has earmarked geothermal energy, solar panels, and wind power to be among the renewable energy sources.

Information materials on the topic:

Energy concept

The energy concept for the Urban Tech Republic and Berlin TXL

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