The country needs green cities

The Urban Tech Republic is sustainable. And sustainability needs to be thought through in a consistent manner. The FUTR HUT is exploring new construction materials.

All around the world, cities are facing the challenge of satisfying the increasing demand for residential space in a way that is ecologically sustainable. Resource-friendly sustainability therefore plays a leading role in the subsequent use of buildings and of the entire area of the Urban Tech Republic. Renovation and new construction offer possibilities for the use of materials made from renewable raw materials, sustainable products, recycled materials, and recyclable components. This keeps decomposition of virgin raw materials to a minimum.

Welcome to the FUTR HUT

With the FUTR HUT, the competence center for sustainable construction in the Urban Tech Republic, the construction of the future will be rethought. A place for collaboration on research, testing, and production emphasizing wood and other sustainable building materials Is being created. However, the goal here is also to utilize the digitalization and optimization of processes to scale climate-neutral construction to an urban level, standardize it, and make it both affordable and marketable.

Information materials on the topic:

Sustainable construction in Berlin TXL

The Urban Tech Republic was the first business district in the world to be awarded Platinum Precertification for Sustainability by the German Sustainable Building Council.

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