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Tegel Projekt GmbH

Urban Tech Republic, Gebäude V
Flughafen Tegel 1
13405 Berlin


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Tegel Projekt GmbH has been developing the Urban Tech Republic for the state of Berlin since 2011. This state-owned company work includes review of the master plan and brand development, the plans for the building construction, and the technical, energy, and transport infrastructure, as well as sales planning, and project communications with the general public. Our team

Central office

Executive Office

Gudrun Sack | CEO

Office Management and Human Resources

Dagmar Strauß

Applicant Management & Recruiting

Lars Bode

Design and Development

Nicolas Novotny | Director

Sales, Communication & Innovation Centers

Bernhard Hildebrand | Director

Public Relations

Constanze Döll

Asset Management, Smart Utilities and Infrastructure

André Stumpf | Director


Ulrike Nier | Director

External  Compliance Officer 

Dr. Stefanie Lejeune, attorney at law; deputy: Dr. Alexander von Negenborn, attorney at law