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Innovation through collaboration

The Urban Tech Republic sees itself as a community bringing innovations in urban tech for the benefit of everyone in the world. Here you will learn what we mean by this and how you can become part of this community.

At the Urban Tech Republic the name says it all: Republic stands for freedom of thought, openness, and the collective struggle to find the best solution. Very much in the spirit of the Latin “res publica” (“public thing”, “public matter”, in the sense of community), the interests of individuals are not paramount. On the contrary, what matters is improving the lives of people in cities in the core sectors of energy, mobility, water, recycling, materials, and technologies for information and communication with the aid of green technologies of the future.

The Urban Tech Republic makes it possible for innovators to find themselves and to evolve. As residents you can assist in shaping this future field of urban technologies, frame your ideas in concrete terms, find your team, and build partnerships. You can establish yourselves, become professionals, grow. You can collaborate, test, and optimize: Here you have the creative space for development and the right facilities for working on future-oriented solutions for living a good and healthy urban life.

Even now we are already assembling start-ups, research institutions, and companies big and small all over the future university campus. A unique ecosystem is emerging in which people learn from each other and together create something new. If you share our vision of a healthier, more sustainable city and would like to work in collaboration with us on the city of tomorrow, you too will be a part of this community.

Our Residents

are on site and are an integral part of the Urban Tech Republic. They develop innovation as neighbors and in tandem for the cities of tomorrow.

20 residents in our community

Our friends

are important partners and share in our community. They support us and our residents with their services, products, and expertise. At the same time they form a unique network that opens doors in Berlin and all around the world.

18 friends in our community

Room for ideas

A strong ecosystem needs space in which to flourish. Which is why the Urban Tech Republic provides future space for all phases of corporate development from the foundation period through the set-up and growth phase to the establishment of of the company. There is room for collaboration right now. In addition to office spaces, business or industrial plots are also available on site, as well as a test track and much more.

Future subsequent use allows for the development of conference centers, technology centers, and business incubators in the former buildings of Terminals B and D all around the campus of the Hochschule für Technik (BHT), at the heart of the premises in Terminal A.

Information materials on the topic:

Community Magazine

Our program and everything you can expect in the future at Urban Tech Republic.

The future begins now.

All this is no longer a vision. We, researchers, and entrepreneurs are already implementing the projects of the future in the Urban Tech Republic.

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