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Take a seat. There’s lots of room.

Research, economy, industry, and start-ups - all of these find here the space that they need for the innovations of the future. And it’s in the best location, right in the middle of the bustling city of Berlin.

150,000 m² of building space are available. And significantly more is being newly built. All of this is consistent with our idea of a sustainable smart city. The only requirement needed for you to get involved? You share this mission and you too improve tomorrow’s cities by using urban technologies. Deal? That makes you part of the Urban Tech Republic.

A curated community with a commitment to urban technologies is emerging here. An ecosystem supporting collaborative work methods thus creating a space for innovative projects will develop.

It’s boarding time!

What’s happening in the Urban Tech Republic?

The Urban Tech Republic’s project area covers a total of 202 ha. This includes:

  • 147 ha – construction area
  • • 27 ha – green space and landscaping area, and
  • 28 ha – traffic area

The site of the Urban Tech Republic is divided into three sectors:

  • The industrial park (GI-Industrial Area) is primarily suitable for the fairly large production facilities of companies that gear their profile towards urban technology sectors and that would like to start production here. Its 82 ha size makes it the biggest connected inner-city industrial site in Berlin.
  • In the industrial strip (GE-Industrial Estate) rather small-scale organized plots enable businesses to develop and produce. Here a surface area totaling 70 ha offers space not only for start-ups that want to grow but also for small and medium-sized businesses wishing to take advantage of the favorable proximity to adjacent university and research institutions.
  • The Campus (SO – Special Zone) is the centerpiece and scientific core of the Urban Tech Republic. The area comprising 39 ha is reserved exclusively for research, university facilities, and related institutions. The Berliner Hochschule für Technik (BHT) [Berlin University of Applied Sciences] will be moving into the hexagonal Terminal A.

Map of the site

The first existing buildings are already leased. You can find an overview of the buildings in our Immobilien-Finder. Other areas are available for leasing. Rental fees depend on the respective market conditions.

Plots can also be acquired as part of leasehold contracts.

But isn't it better to simply build?

In the Urban Tech Republic plots ranging from 3,000 to 200,000 m² are awarded as part of leasehold contracts. These are available to companies and institutions conforming to profile in the field of urban technologies under the terms of leasehold contracts. Ownership of the plots is then held by the State of Berlin. Ground rent and term of the contracts depend on the type and extent of the future use and the corresponding provisions of the State of Berlin.

An excellent concept

The Urban Tech Republic was the first business district in the world to be awarded Platinum Precertification for Sustainability by the German Sustainable Building Council.

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