Rethinking construction

The FUTR HUT sees itself as an interdisciplinary think tank and competency network for everything related to sustainable construction. This is what we are planning:

The FUTR HUT, the competence center for innovative materials and timber construction, will become the intellectual space and experimentation center for the devotees of the construction revolution: for experts from the fields of architecture and planning, the timber and construction industries, component manufacturing, and digitalization, for researchers from technical universities and non-university institutions, and many other fields.

All are united by one mission: To scale sustainable construction at an urban level using innovative materials and manufacturing processes and thus assist in making the breakthrough. Subjects such as standardization and collective planning, recycling economics, and the smart management of raw materials are integrated for this purpose.

Plans for the center are currently in full swing.

The future is made of wood

Timber construction is a focal point for the FUTR HUT, because wood is important for storing carbon and is a sustainable building material. Schumacher Quartier will provide upwards of 5,000 homes for more than 10,000 people and is expected to become a model residential district for urban timber construction. To achieve this, various established and experimental types of construction will be utilized. In later construction phases the proportion of wood used will be gradually increased. Moreover, working jointly with the State of Brandenburg, the aim is to construct a regional production chain for timber construction and ecological construction materials.

Information materials on the topic:

Urban timber construction

Detailed information about the FUTR HUT and urban timber construction in Berlin TXL.

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