July 21, 2023

Bienvenido, Sr. Grau: Chile’s Minister of Economy in the Urban Tech Republic

Chile is one of the pioneers when it comes to investments in renewable energies. No wonder – the South American country offers optimal conditions to strengthen the green value chain locally: The extremely dry Atacama Desert is the perfect place for generating solar energy. Chile’s long coastline offers plenty of space for the construction of wind farms. Moreover, the mighty volcanic chain of the Andes is a huge geothermal reservoir.

By 2035, more than half of Chile’s electricity is to come from renewable energies. The goal of climate neutrality is set for 2050. Nicolás Grau, Chile’s Minister of Economy, Development and Tourism, is also committed to this goal. On July 19, together with the Ambassador of the Republic of Chile in Berlin, Magdalena Atria, he visited the Urban Tech Republic – a place of collaboration, innovation and energy revolution. This was also the major theme of the visit.

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For example, the delegation from Chile was interested in how start-ups in the Urban Tech Republic are developing innovative technologies for the cities of the future and the energy supply of tomorrow. Our CEO Gudrun Sack, Dr. Jens Homann from the Senate Department for Economic Affairs, Energy and Operations, Steffen Terberl, head of the Zukunftsorte office, and Katia Ernst, consultant at the Zukunftsorte office, offered exciting insights into this. Among other things, they presented the history and ecosystem of Berlin’s Zukunftsorte, explained the special features of the Urban Tech Republic and answered the question of how such a location can attract companies and start-ups.

Afterwards, Minister of Economics Grau visited one of the residents at the Urban Tech Republic: .GUT green innovations. .GUT is an Impact First investor and developer of lighthouse projects and is already bringing together exciting start-ups. One of them is STOFF2, which develops innovative technologies that convert solar and wind power into green hydrogen and green electricity. CEO Sebastian Sibb presented the Zinc-Intermediate Electrolyzer, which combines the functions of a battery and an electrolyzer in one unit.

Sebastian Sibb presents the Zinc-Intermediate Electrolyzer.
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The Urban Tech Republic was just one of many stops Nicolás Grau visited during his investment promotion trip. A total of 12 activities were on the agenda in three days. During the trip, organized by InvestChile and the Chilean Embassy in Germany, he met with companies and authorities involved in innovation and development.


July 21, 2023

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