Towards a future through the city

Tomorrow’s mobility is green, efficient, and safe. Concepts ensuring them are developed, tested, and implemented in the Urban Tech Republic.

Mobility is part of modern life. But the worldwide growth of cities is often also accompanied by an unconstrained increase in traffic. Traffic emissions put a strain on climate and health, parking spaces take up one fifth of public areas and yet remain in short supply, and in big cities drivers are stuck in traffic jams every day for up to three quarters of an hour.

The Urban Tech Republic offers solutions that are environmentally friendly, conserve resources, and offer excellent quality of living for everyone. Researchers and companies work together here on developing and testing new mobility concepts from ride-sharing services through the multi-modal transportation of passengers and goods to autonomous driving. Mobility hubs and convenient cycle paths shorten the routes in the Urban Tech Republic and make the neighboring Schumacher Quartier residential district largely a car-free zone.

Wide bike lanes and fast lanes for cyclists

Changing from an automobile to other modes of transport is made easy in Berlin TXL. At the Urban Tech Republic’s research and industrial site the focus is on cycling and walking thanks to a close-knit network of paths. The cycling infrastructure is expected to offer a high standard of safety. Wide bike lanes are planned where it will be easy to overtake or ride side by side. Intersections and roundabouts will be designed clearly. Two fast bike lanes will run through the project area and intersect in the Urban Tech Republic.

Additionally, the innovation park will be made accessible by two main roads in order to meet the demands of business operations for transport services. At the three main junctions in the south, west, and east the traffic will be distributed in all directions via roundabouts.

Information materials on the topic:

Mobility concept

The mobility concept for the Urban Tech Republic and Berlin TXL

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