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A special place in Berlin

The Urban Tech Republic stands for a unique idea: Here we are developing the sustainable smart city of tomorrow together as a community.

A research and industrial park for urban technologies is emerging on the former Tegel Airport site: the Urban Tech Republic. With this plot of land Berlin reclaims a piece of the city and creates spaces for industry, business, and science. What makes it special? The collaborative approach. As an ecosystem and innovation hub, the Urban Tech Republic is intended to be a home for the next generation of innovators, whose primary driver will be collaboration.

Map of the site

Map of the surrounding area

The Urban Tech Republic and its residents benefit from the location of the site in the middle of the capital, just 15 minutes from the city center. Berlin is a city in constant flux and everywhere something new is being created. Nowhere else in Germany are there so many motivated and qualified young people. And nowhere else is so much venture capital being invested in start-ups.

The Urban Tech Republic has great potential for Berlin. Some 18,000 jobs are expected in the Urban Tech Republic, the annual gross value added in Berlin TXL stands at 1.6 billion euros, which for Berlin as a whole means a gross value added of 2.6 billion euros with tax effects of 160 million euros.

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The main focus of the innovation park is on what keeps the booming megacities of the 21st century moving. This will be the place where urban technologies are researched, developed, produced, tested, and exported. Six topics take center stage here:


Tomorrow’s mobility is green, efficient, and safe. Concepts ensuring them are developed, tested, and implemented in the Urban Tech Republic.


Energy is the future. This is why we are also radically rethinking it with our own ideas and concepts for tomorrow’s energy economy.


The Urban Tech Republic is sustainable. And sustainability needs to be thought through consistently. The FUTR HUT is exploring new construction materials.


The future of cities is digital. Today, smart solutions are already being developed by the FUTR HUB in the Urban Tech Republic.


Recyclable materials in waste are inventive. New recycling concepts are therefore being developed and tested in the Urban Tech Republic.


Water is a valuable resource. In the Urban Tech Republic consideration is given to how it can be used sustainably and fairly in Berlin but also worldwide.

Nature in the city

The Urban Tech Republic brings nature back into the city. Our biodiversity strategy for “Campus West” creates foundations on which new, native species of animals and plants can become established.

An excellent concept

The Urban Tech Republic was the first business district in the world to be awarded Platinum Precertification for Sustainability by the German Sustainable Building Council.

After many years of preparation, the work really starts now. So that the first innovations from the Urban Tech Republic will soon change the world.

First site conference

  • 2008

Site conference on the subsequent use of Tegel Airport

Developing ideas

  • 2009 to 2012

Preparation and further development of the concept of the innovation park with experts, administration, and stakeholders from Berlin’s general public

The Master Plan

  • 2013

State of Berlin decides upon Master Plan

Zoning plans

  • 2018

Public disclosure of zoning plans


  • Since 2020

An information center is being set up on site following the closure of the airport 

Acquisition of the grounds

  • August 2021

Acquisition of the grounds by Tegel Projekt GmbH 

Development Plan for Campus

  • December 2021

agreement upon the development plan for the central Campus area 

Installation of site logistics

  • Since 2022

Installation of site logistics, construction roads and start of civil engineering works; leases for interim uses in the existing buildings in tandem with restoration and reconstruction; allocation of land 

Completion of major part of restoration work

  • Beginning 2027

Completion of major part of restoration work; accommodation of the Berliner Hochschule für Technik in Terminal A, of the Foundation and Technology Center in Terminal B, and of the Berlin Fire Department and Rescue Services Academy in the hangars 

The work continues

  • Until 2040

Development of the overall project in four construction phases up to around 2040

Participatory planning process

What will actually happen after Tegel Airport closes? This question has been discussed publicly since 2008. From the very beginning, the aim was to develop concepts in a broad-based debate. Here you will find an overview of the most important steps in the participatory planning process:

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