Welcome to the Urban Tech Republic, where the future of cities is being created.

202 ha for research, innovation and technology. For a green, livable, and social city. For change and business. For startups and industry. For the whole of Berlin. Become part of the Urban Tech Republic and shape the future of the city and the city of the future with us. Urban technologies are researched, developed, produced, tested and exported here. Six topics are the focus:


Tomorrow's mobility is green, efficient and safe. Concepts ensuring them are developed, tested, and implemented in the Urban Tech Republic.


Energy is the future. This is why we are also radically rethinking it with our own ideas and concepts for tomorrow’s energy economy.


The Urban Tech Republic is sustainable. And sustainability needs to be thought through consistently. The FUTR HUT is exploring new construction materials.


The future of cities is digital. Today, smart solutions are already being developed by the FUTR HUB in the Urban Tech Republic.


Recyclable materials in waste are inventive. New recycling concepts are therefore being developed and tested in the Urban Tech Republic.


Water is a valuable resource. In the Urban Tech Republic consideration is given to how it can be used sustainably and fairly in Berlin but also worldwide.

The Urban Tech Republic sees itself as a community bringing innovations in urban tech for the benefit of everyone in the world. Here you will learn what we mean by this and how you can become part of this community

You want to improve the world with urban technologies and are looking for a commercial space in Berlin? Welcome to the Urban Tech Republic! Hier finden Sie Platz für Ihre Ideen und werden Teil eines innovativen Ökosystems. Create a new piece of Berlin with us.

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