December 14, 2021

Timber construction as a contribution to climate protection

Wood is a renewable resource. Since there are enough resources in Germany that can be processed (without clearing the domestic forests), timber construction can make a major contribution to climate goals. However, the legal framework for building with wood is still often lacking in Germany. To change this, the Coalition for Timber Construction was launched. The initiative wants to work to strengthen timber construction in Germany and ensure greater acceptance in politics. The coalition’s “ambassadors” come from science, planning, architecture and project development and thus form a strong network. Gudrun Sack, the managing director of Tegel Projekt GmbH, supports the coalition as an ambassadeur because Tegel Projekt GmbH and Schumacher Quartier are at the forefront of timber construction. “We will build the planned 5,000 flats in Berlin TXL with wood. This will make it the largest wooden residential quarter in Europe,” says Gudrun Sack.


December 14, 2021

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