December 14, 2021


Climate neutrality is possible. But to achieve the goal, consistent measures are needed. The climate organisation GermanZero has drafted a 1.5 degree legislative package that charts a path for the new German government on how the 1.5 degree goal can be achieved. Under the motto “Climate Protection Made In Germany”, a large number of entrepreneurs are gathering to work together for climate neutrality by 2035.

What they all have in common, among other things, is innovation, creative spirit, transformation and sustainability – all factors that are essential for active climate protection. The managing director of Tegel Projekt GmbH, Dr Philipp Bouteiller, also supports the initiative. Bouteiller sums up that climate protection also plays an important role for the economy: “With the environment, we all benefit from the transformation to climate neutrality. Climate protection is increasingly becoming an economic and also an image factor for companies, a decisive competitive advantage.”


December 14, 2021

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