May 31, 2024

Great cinema: Berlin TXL is officially listed as a film location

We are pleased that in advance of renovations, listed building conversions and new buildings in Berlin TXL, available areas and buildings can be temporarily used for other purposes. That’s why the Urban Tech Republic is now presenting itself on the Berlin Brandenburg Film Commission’s media board as a versatile filming location for film and television productions. 

With the unique, iconic architecture of the former Tegel Airport and the extensive areas, the almost 500 hectare area offers a variety of possibilities and the best conditions for creative film projects. You can request, for example: B. the noise protection hall including open space, the 12,000 m2 hangar, terminal building B with the former check-in counters and the access road, the 50 meter high tower and the apron including test tracks.

The diverse backdrops make Berlin TXL an attractive partner for the film industry. Well-known productions have already used this and thus underlined the potential of the location: a chase scene in “John Wick Chapter 4” was filmed on the disused airport site and recently the crime scene “On the Day of Wandering Souls” with Corinna Harfouch and Mark Waschke. 

There is also the chance to book the large hangar for extravagant, impressive events for another year. From the end of 2025, where the aircraft were once serviced, the Berlin Fire and Rescue Service Academy will be one of the most modern training centers in Europe.  All information about the film location Berlin TXL and Urban Tech Republic can be found here.


May 31, 2024

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