July 3, 2018

What now, TXL?

Tegel Projekt GmbH is commissioned by the state of Berlin to plan and develop the subsequent use of Tegel Airport. Since September 2017, the public debate about the referendum for keeping Tegel Airport open has kept Berlin – and thus us – busy. On 14 June 2018, the Berlin House of Representatives, after a thorough examination, declared the resolution passed in the referendum “Berlin needs Tegel” to be unworkable. Planning can now continue for the two after-use projects “Berlin TXL – The Urban Tech Republic” and “Berlin TXL – Schumacher Quartier”.

You can find further information on political questions regarding the referendum on Tegel Airport on the website of the Berlin Senate. The Senate’s press release on this decision can be found here.

The text of the resolution can be found on the website of the House of Representatives.

We also offer you an annotated press review here, which documents, among other things, the public discussion surrounding the referendum on Tegel Airport.


July 3, 2018

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