January 11, 2018

Urban Persuasion Vol. I

The interview series Urban Persuasion is dedicated to the question of how we want to live together in our cities. The talks focus on the concepts of “city”, “technology” and “participation”. Topics that will be reflected and experienced in the Urban Tech Republic – on the site of the former Tegel Airport.

What is the relationship between technology and participation in the city of the future? And what does this mean for the development of Berlin? How must the cities of tomorrow be designed to meet the challenges of social change, climate change and technological progress?

“Your use of ‚Urban Persuasion‘ suggests both good arguments in favour of cities and things urban, and also a new movement of people who are of ‚the urban persuasion‘: the new urbanists. People who can live well with the city. Very clever.”

Prof. Greg Clark, CBE

In Vol. I of the series, our guest author Viktor Hildebrandt spoke with people who actively shape the city. They all have their own view of the growing city, which they share with us:

  • Dr Philipp Bouteiller, Managing Director of Tegel Projekt GmbH. The manager, who holds a doctorate from the London School of Economics & Political Science, is responsible for the future re-use of an almost 500-hectare site in the middle of Berlin.
  • Kristien Ring, founder of AA PROJECTS, publicist and architecture critic
  • Florian Lennert , Director of the Intelligent City Forum
  • Prof. Dr. Andreas Knie, political scientist at the Social Science Research Center and university lecturer at the TU Berlin
  • Andreas Krüger, Chairman of the Board of the Belius Foundation.
  • Dr Christian Hammel heads the Innovation Policies & Research department at the Technology Foundation Berlin
  • Christoph Fahle, co-founder of the coworking space betahaus
  • Kimo von Rekowski, co-founder and owner of Xi-Design, a company specialising in graffiti facade advertising.
  • Eckart Eyser, Managing Director of TresCom Technology

The interviews show different perspectives on various aspects of the city-wide, national and international discourse on the city of the future. The e-book with all interviews and short biographies of the interviewees is available for reading here:


January 11, 2018

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