June 7, 2022

News from Berlin TXL

This is a press release from the Senate Department for Urban Development, Building and Housing in Berlin

Things have been quiet behind the fence of the former Tegel Airport, but things are happening! The Tegel Projekt GmbH team took over responsibility for the huge site in August last year and is working hard to prepare the implementation of the new Schumacher Quarter and the Urban Tech Republic.

Development plans go on public display

In order for the former airport to be used at all for living, working and recreation, the legal planning basis must first be created and a good dozen new development plans drawn up. These regulate what the individual sub-areas will look like in the future, what can be built there and how, for example, residential and commercial areas, roads and green spaces will be arranged.

From 20 June to 22 July 2022, four Berlin TXL development plans will be put on public display. On the one hand, these plans cover the first construction phase with residential development, neighbourhood park and educational campus in the Schumacher Quartier, and on the other hand, the southern access road and the east-west road in the Urban Tech Republic. For one month, you will have the opportunity to view these plans and make your suggestions and requests for changes – either online at www.mein.berlin.de or on site at the Senate Department for Urban Development, Building and Housing, Room 105, Fehrbelliner Platz 4, 10707 Berlin (Mon-Wed 9:00-17:00, Thu 9:00-18:00, Fri 9:00-15:30 or by appointment). We would be very pleased about your participation! You can find more information about Berlin TXL here.

The Greentech Festival comes to Tegel

From 22 to 24 June 2022, an international event highlight will take place in and around the large hangar: The Greentech Festival will make its first stop in the future Urban Tech Republic and will be dedicated to the topics of a sustainable future with lectures and discussions, an exhibition, concerts and the presentation of the “Green Awards”. You can find more information here.

Terrain survey by drone

For 3D modelling or the extensive surveying work on the 500-hectare project site, we use state-of-the-art drone technology. Thursday is flight day; then our “unmanned aerial vehicles” systematically scan the site on predefined routes. We use the data obtained, for example, for planning, monitoring the construction process or operating the property. Despite all the enthusiasm in view of the technical possibilities, we are aware that drones trigger scepticism in some people. Especially mini drones operated by amateurs have a reputation for being unsafe, taking unauthorised pictures or simply being a nuisance due to negative incidents. If you are afraid that our drones might be flying over your house or garden, we can reassure you. The drones we use, which are controlled exclusively by certified pilots, fly exclusively on the former airport area, with an accuracy of 2 cm. This is made possible by the use of the satellite positioning service of the Deutsche Landvermessung, known as SAPOS for short, which reliably corrects satellites and thus ensures highly precise and consistent data collection.

What is the status of explosive ordnance disposal?

For a year now, we have been carrying out explosive ordnance clearance on the former airport site, for which the soil is removed to a depth of 160 cm and examined for ammunition remnants. You may have seen the many piles of earth resulting from this, now piling up along the runway, from the Kurt-Schumacher-Damm. So far, an area the size of 28 football fields has been cleared. 110,000 m3 of earth have been moved for this, which is equivalent to about 4,400 truckloads. About 5,500 kg of explosive material, mainly grenades, incendiary bombs and ordnance, were found and rendered harmless, as well as about 65,000 kg of ammunition scrap. We are making progress every day, so that it will soon be possible to use the land safely.

How are the buildings currently used?

The former airport buildings are in high demand, and we are pleased to report that they are already being actively used. More than 1,600 m2 of offices and workshops as well as around 6,000 m2 of experimental space in the future research and industrial park have already been rented by companies: for example, by Vay Technology, a developer of remote-controlled cars, EasyMile, a manufacturer of autonomous vehicles, or BIT, a technology company that carries out research projects in the fields of battery development and 3D printing, among others. Important humanitarian services have been provided in Terminals A and B since March. This is where Berlin’s central arrival centre for refugees from Ukraine and one of the largest hubs for the distribution of people seeking help throughout Germany has been established. It is operated by the German Red Cross, which coordinates the registration and initial care of currently 300 to 500 people daily. Until recently, the vaccination centre in Terminal C also served well. From July, it will make way for the conversion to FUTR HUT – a new place for exchange and research, testing and production of sustainable materials for climate-friendly construction. We want to start operations in 2023.

And what else?

The renovation of the former administration building of the airport company, not far from the bus stop “General-Ganeval-Brücke”, is in full swing and we are already looking forward to welcoming you in the Infocentre there, probably from autumn onwards. In addition to an exhibition, you can also expect events here in the future – and above all nice Tegel Projekt employees, good coffee and interesting conversations about the future of Berlin TXL. Until then, you are welcome to come to our small information point at the same address on Wednesdays from 2 to 5 pm. Or take a walk with us around the runway at the weekend: you can book our free, approx. two-hour tours on the Museum Service website.

Here you can find the residents’ letter in PDF format.


June 7, 2022

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