May 29, 2019

It turns green

What’s happening there? The shopping centre “Der Clou” in Reinickendorf has been around for 30 years. But today something special is happening. Even as the exhibition is being set up in the atrium, some people stop and look curiously at what is happening here. One visitor thinks it is “really good” that the designs from a competition held as part of the after-use planning for the airport area in Tegel are being shown to the public, because this way the citizens are comprehensively informed. An elderly gentleman is annoyed because he does not want the airport to be closed. When the exhibition opens on time, several interested people have gathered in front of the small stage. The audience is first given an overview of the plans for the after-use of the airport area as a whole. Not only is a lot of green space to be created in the landscape, but new flats are also planned in the Schumacher Quarter and an innovation park, the Urban Tech Republic. Today, however, the main focus is on the competition for the neighbourhood and landscape park, which the Senate Department for Urban Development and Housing has launched in cooperation with Tegel Projekt GmbH and the Reinickendorf district authority. The neighbourhood park in Schumacher Quartier is to become the central public green space of the new district. To the west of it there will be a public landscape park for the old and new residents and all Berliners. 34 designs were submitted in the Europe-wide competition. Already in April – on the eve of the jury’s decision – the Senate Department for Urban Development and Housing had invited to a citizens’ evening.

The aim was to collect ideas, suggestions and arguments from the citizens and to give the jury important impulses for their decision. In mid-April, the jury made its decision. As a result, not one winner was determined, but two second places were awarded to Berlin offices: GM013 Giencke Mattelig Landschaftsarchitektur and Weidinger. Both works are now being further developed in planning. When pretzels and refreshments are served in the stage area after the exhibition opening, even some visitors who had previously watched the opening from a safe distance from the gallery on the first floor venture closer to the action. The exhibition can be viewed until 1 June during opening hours (Monday – Saturday, 10:00 – 20:00). Admission is free.


May 29, 2019

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