November 23, 2018

Great interest in the future plans for Berlin TXL

On 14 November, around 50 interested visitors followed the information event on the development plan procedures for the Berlin TXL site. The Senate Department for Urban Development and Housing had invited them to the Humboldt Library in the Reinickendorf district. The preliminary development plans for the Schumacher Quarter (12-62), where at least 5,000 flats are to be built in the long term, were presented for the first time.

The focus for the area is on its development as an ecological-social model neighbourhood. This is to be realised by creating affordable housing with socially acceptable rents, but also innovative and ecological building and utilisation concepts.

New space urgently needed

Furthermore, the development plan drafts of the sub-areas “Gewerbeband West” with the Berlin Fire and Rescue Service Academy (BFRA) (12-50a) and the “Campus West” (12-50ba) were presented in the Urban Tech Republic. The buildings of the current terminal complex are to be retained and converted after the airport closes so that the Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin can move in and obtain the urgently needed expansion space. The plans for the conversion and extension of part of the hangars for the Berlin Fire Brigade also envisage this. In future, the BFRA will be used for the training and further education of fire and rescue service personnel. In order to be able to meet the increased demands of training, e.g. through realistic exercises, there is an urgent need for space on the part of the fire brigade. Following the presentations, the citizens were invited to ask their questions about the plans and to make suggestions for the further processing of the procedures. The oral contributions were documented and recorded on movable walls for a so-called collective statement and can thus be incorporated into the procedure. After the event, questions could be discussed directly with the contact persons at the exhibition walls. The exhibition on the plans remained open to interested parties in the library after the event until 17 November. The development plans can be viewed and commented on at the Senate Department for Urban Development and Housing in the Reinickendorf district office and online at the participation portal until 7 December. Information on the procedures and opportunities for participation can also be found on the platform and on the website of the Senate Department for Urban Development and Housing.

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November 23, 2018

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