Building H

10077 m²

Halls and workshop with office spaces.

Utilization, technical, traffic area

Community 28 m2
Office 1822 m2
Hall 4076 m2
Warehouse 1651 m2
Sanitary 417 m2
Technology area 367 m2
Transportation area 1716 m2

Building dimensions

Lower edge ceiling 7,20 m
Lower edge ceiling heating Hall 4 m
LRH Office 3 m
Area 134 x 51,50 m
Lower edge joist 4,51 m

Usage possibilities

Versatile usable hall and workshop areas (without support beams) with ceiling heating for development, production, storage and administration. Truck loading ramps facing towards the land side, gates to the former airport ramp. Attached office spaces with social areas. Depending on use, building permit may be required.


Divisibility: Divisible at the beams (grid dimension 7.5 m).


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